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Reese Green Wellness Holistic & Alternative Information

Here is a bit of why I can offer this information to you.

I am an expert in the Holistic and Alternative Health Field. I don’t say that to blow my own horn, but it is the truth. Few have the knowledge and experience that I have both in education, training and most importantly the application of that in a clinical setting. Spanning now over 40 years in total, I have  learned all I know from  world-wide education sources and training.

So if you go to the top and click on the My( our ) Story, you will get a look at what I am referring to.


Thanks for coming to my store. I have several things listed in my store that I think you will find very interesting and helpful to you. Some are direct from my own clinical work, and some from others who have things to offer that fit in with what I would want to teach you.

What you are seeking will be listed on the right side here on this page called:  Your Download Categories To Choose From.

Just click on the category title you are interested in.

Once you have purchased what you would like to have, you will be sent an E-Mail that will ask you to confirm that it is really you who is purchasing these items. There you will find your password for you purchases. This is what you will need to access you purchase. Be aware that since this is a digital purchase you will only be able to access it once. If you have any trouble contact me and I will fix it.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding great new subjects here in my store area. Make sure you check back so you can learn things very few people know about, but need to know!!

I will have things listed herein, that are also Free. I hope you enjoy these as well. Get the first one today. Just go up top and click on “Limbic System Information”.  This will be a great one to start your collection with.

You will have access to a lifetime of knowledge and information from over four decades of research within the holistic and alternative wellness field here in the store.

During my four decades, 28 years of it was in the form  of a clinical primary care practice, with over 61,000 patient visits. 

I have information here that will educate you and inform you and interest you relating to all aspect of becoming well and staying well.

There are only a few people, with the exception of a few colleagues or mine, that have this kind of history and education behind them, drawn from resources world-wide.

Now this information will be available to you.